About FlyingHulls

FlyingHulls LLC is a new company formed with the idea of creating high-performance Radio Control sailing models using cutting-edge materials and techniques while keeping them affordable and accessible to sailors and non-or-neophyte sailors alike.

FlyingHulls is using state-of-the-art 3D CAD, stereolithography and digital tooling techniques in developing its manufacturing to provide high quality products. As technology advances, testing continues, and racing is ongoing with a given model, FlyingHulls plans to provide updated components to its model customers in the same way software companies provide updates when better functionality is found. FlyingHulls considers racing to be the best crucible for product development, and hopes to support racing for its models globally.

It is the vision of William E. Parker, who has been designing boats since he was 8 years old and sailing in full-scale boats since he had to be handed down into them. Bill first raced radio control boats in Chicago in the Marblehead or 50/800 class in 1981. He has designed and built boats for the US One Meter and the International One Meter classes, and currently races a Soling One Meter in Cincinnati Ohio with the Radio Control Sailing Club of Cincinnati. His full-size boat is a wood Atkin schooner.