Enhanced Kit

Part: FH-A40-BSERV


Hull Graphics:

Sail Graphics:

Enhanced Kit

Enhanced Kit     

The A40 Enhanced kit includes the 79 parts that make up the basic kit but also includes the following:

  • 2 Spektrum A3040 Sub-Micro Digital Hi Torque Rudder Servos
  • 1 Spektrum A6150 HV Hi Torque Sail Control Servo
  • Hull graphic decals in the scheme of your choice (4 standard schemes)
  • Servo wiring installed

Assemble the hull platform, assemble the rig, hook up the servos, install the 2.4 Ghz receiver of your choice and Go Sailing! This is by far the best bundle value for the experienced RC sailor who wants to get into the water using his existing transmitter and receiver, but also provides an alternative for the new RC Sailor who wants to take advantage of pricing on his own radio transmitter or receiver.