The A40

The A40 is a high-performance radio-controlled racing catamaran designed for high speeds and exciting sailing. It takes its design cues from all-out racing designs such as the Extreme40 and the C-Class catamarans. Its construction is almost entirely from carbon fiber with an all-up weight in running trim, including rig and sails, of about 1 kilogram or 2.2 Lbs.

The A40 basic kit includes everything you need to get the boat ready for the water using easily found tools, glue, and sealant. The hulls and decks are integral, and the cross struts are assembled to them using provided bolts. The rig is complete with sails and all hardware. The kit comes with complete instructions and more are provided via web video. The digital servos needed to control the rudders and sails are provided, but the receiver and transmitter are optional extras (2.4 Ghz recommended.)

FlyingHulls offers the A40 with three exciting choices for hull graphics included in the kit price, and four choices of sail graphics for a slight upcharge. Custom graphics are available for both hulls and sails, quoted according to the computer time needed for production. FlyingHulls will, for an additional fee, finish your hulls for you (paint and decals) or even assemble the entire boat and ship the platform assembled to you.

The vision for the A40 is to establish it as a vital racing class that provides enough flexibility in the rules to allow for development, but still keeps the cost of competition within reason. Flyinghulls will treat the A40 like a piece of software, with parts available to increase performance as regular upgrades.

Sailing the A40 requires experience and fast reflexes, but it will reward close attention with blinding speed and heart-stopping performance.

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  • Length: 32"/ 81.28cm
  • Beam: 21"/ 53.34cm
  • Depth: 6"/ 15.24 cm
  • Sail Area: 420 Sq In/2710 sq. cm.
  • Total Height, bottom of daggerboard to top of mast: 50"/ 127.7cm
  • Hull and Deck: Carbon Fiber
  • All Spars: Carbon Fiber
  • Radio: 2 Channel required

The A40 Kit Contents

  • Two carbon fiber hulls with integral radio mountings and cross wiring
  • Two hatches for radio compartments with mounting attachments
  • Carbon fiber daggerboards and rudders
  • Carbon fiber cross struts
  • Carbon fiber mast mounting pedestal
  • Fiber rigging forestay
  • Resin-treated Dacron sails
  • All stainless steel hardware, except in some places where brass works better
  • Two-piece Carbon Fiber Mast
  • 3 Spektrum servos
  • Spectra rigging line